RJOC continues Recycling efforts during 2019

RJO’Connell & Associates is proud once again to work with Earthworm Recycling of Somerville, MA to help protect the environment. In 2019 we reduced our carbon footprint by an estimated 3.08 metric tons. In a combined effort we recycled over 5,304 pounds of Paper (saving 45.08 trees).  Our 357 pounds of Electronics Equipment diverted 1.76 est. pounds of Lead & 74.3 est. milligrams of Mercury from landfills/incinerators. Our recycling of Plastic, Glass, and Metal totaled 124 pounds. Great Job done by all of the RJOC employees.
To find out more about Earthworm visit www.earthwormrecycling.org.

2019 Recycling Achievements